The Prince of Egypt

Prince of Egypt is the extraordinary story of Moses found in the Bible; the main theme of this particular film revolves around the relationship of Moses and his brother (Ramases, the Pharaoh).....

PROFANITY & VULGARITY: 10- EXEMPLAR (no foul or offensive language)

SEX, NUDITY (MORAL): 10- EXCELLENT (No sexual references or nudity)

VIOLENCE: 3 -BARELY (A man is accidently killed)

CONSERVATIVE RATING: 10 - EXEMPLAR (Clearly states the importance of Conservatism A++++)

PRO-AMERICAN & WESTERN VALUES: 10 - EXEMPLAR (Describes the struggle to end Communism, defends Western Civilizations)

JUDEO-CHRISTIAN VALUES: 9 - EXCELLENT(fight against Nazism, Anti-Sematism and defends religion)

FAMILY VALUES: 10 - EXEMPLAR (Implied values to preserve family nucleus)



PG For intense depiction of thematic elements


98 minutes

Director:Brenda ChapmanSteve HicknerSimon Wells

Cast:Val Kilmer  

Ralph Fiennes Michelle Pfeiffer  

Sandra Bullock Jeff Goldblum  

Danny Glover Helen Mirren  

Martin Short

Genres:Children & FamilyFamily Dramas

Music & MusicalsTop Animated MoviesFavorite Animated/Anime FilmsFaith & SpiritualityChildren 8-10Religious

Awards:1999 Academy Award®: Best Music Song1999 Academy Award®: Best Music Score nominee

Screen Formats:Widescreen Anamorphic 1.85:1

Subtitles: English

Language and Sound: English: Dolby Digital 5.1

Original Release Date: 1998

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