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The Best Conservative Action and Adventure Movies You Have Ever Seen

action and adventure

If you like to watch stuff be blown up or someone struggle his way back into civilization after having been thrown into some faraway jungle, you'll feel right at home! More...

Conservative Crime Movies

crime movies

Squealing getaway car tires, screams, chases, screeching brakes, gunshot noise getting lost in the sounds of the world's busiest cities. Who is going to be the hero this time? find out here....

Conservative Comedy Movies

comedy movies

Deadpan, screwball, slapstick comedy, verbal comedy, laugh our socks off! generally by humorously exaggerating any given life situation or a person's actions. Read more here...

Conservative Drama Movies

drama movies

Drama Movies are productions or stories with a serious tone about real life or settings situations. More..

Historical Movies and Films

history movies

Have you ever read a good history book and wished that you could actually watch the main characters in action?
I for the most part did not like this approach growing up because it seemed belittling of the story.
But once you find a film that actually sticks to the facts, such as in the movie 300, then you realize it isn't such a bad idea....
My personal recomendation for finding such films is,

1. Learn the facts.
2. Make sure you get those facts out of book not written by some "liberal". (They tend to warp the facts =)
3. Bookmark this page, we are here to help you out on just that. More Historical Films Here...

Conservative Musicals and Music Movies

musical movies

Walk the Line, Gold Diggers,
Some Like It Hot, Singin' in the Rain, TheWizard of Oz and Grease are just some of my favorite Music Movies. Which ones are yours? Here are the movie reviews

Conservative Sci-Fi Movies

sci fi movies

Even grown ups never grow out of enjoying watching our favorite super heroes (Batman, Superman, ummmmmmm..... oh yeah, "Frodo" =) and many more) save the world against evil time and time again. Read Sci Fi Reviews Here...

Conservative Western Movies

cowboy movies

Remember yourself as a ten year old practicing for hours on end until mom had to literally make you lay down your weapon, send lucky (horse) to sleep (next to the dust pan and mop), and come in for some meat and potatoes and coffee, ahhhh! the perfect meal for a Clint Eastwood protege... Click here to read Western Movie Reviews...

Conservative War Movies

war movies

"Live for nothing or die for something"
Read War Movie Reviews Here...

Other Genres and Categories

Conservative Animation and Animated Movies

animated movies

Without a doubt one can't think of animated films without thinking about the pioneers in the industry during the late 1800's and early 1900's. Read animated movie reviews here...

Conservative Biography Movies

biography movies

What is the History of the world?
Is it not the story of the great men and women in History? Come on, let's watch some of the greatest Biopics ever made. Ready? Read Biography Movie Reviews Here...

Best Christian Films and Movies

christian movies

How can you make a list of conservative Christian movies without getting religious? Read The Movie Reviews Here...

Conservative Movie Classics


Seems to me like most of the oldies are pretty conservative. Casablaca among others are clear examples,
Let me know what you think of this list. Read Classic Movies Reviews...

Conservative Documentaries


Today, as we all know, most documentaries are unbelievably liberal, but occasionally some good documentaries are worth watching. Here you go.. Read Documentary Reviews...

Great Family Movies and Films

family movies

Clean, wholesome entertainment that does not include scenes with foul language and other forms of profanity, sexuality, rebelliousness, violence, addictions, political correctness, and other negative traits are some of the characteristics that define our Family Movies reviews.

Conservative Foreign Films

foreign films

What do other countries think about our cherished conservative principles? and, how do they portray them on the Big-Screen? Read foreign film reviews here..

Conservative Thriller Movies

thriller movies

Thriller movies are closely related to Suspense movies in that they are both supposed build up profound excitement, uncertainty, anxiety, and a high sense of expectancy; not to mention worry, angst, and other troubling emotions!
Experience our thriller reviews.

Conservative Teen Movies

teen movies

The biggest difference I noticed between the teen movies produced, say about 50 years ago, and those produced now days litterally leaps off screen; that is, disrespect and morals. We have carefully screened those that encourage these values.... Read Teen Movie Reviews

Conservative Movies for Children

children movies

The biggest difference I noticed between the children movies produced, say about 50 years ago, and those produced now days litterally leaps off screen; that is, disrespect and morals. We have carefully screened those that encourage these values.... Read Children Movie Reviews

Conservative Television Shows

tv shows

Why not let the TV Shows we watched growing up be the same ones our children watch growing up. TV Show Reviews..

New Conservative Film

Dinesh D' Souza "personally" shares with us some of his favorite conservative movies.

dinesh d souza

Check them out right now! Click Here...

Conservatives on the Big-Screen

movie tickets

Your favorite conservative films in theaters now!!! (Coming Soon)

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Best Biopic Ever and Biography Movies
The Very Best Biopic. Find it along with your favorite biography movies, go into the lives of the men and women who shaped history through films. historical movie and conservative people
Best Biography Movies for conservatives
Biography Movies Review. Go into the lives of the men and women who shaped history. historical movie, conservative people. Historical films reviewed from a family point of view and arranged in a chronological order. Best biographies, famous biographies and other history movies
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War Movies, find out more about the real war heroes, the conservative ones. Since the beginning of time war has been a vital part of expansion and progress. Conservative Films portray history accurately.
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Conservative Thriller Movies Review, the fight between good and evil continues.. Watch them from the edge of your seat.
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Television Shows, television show reviews - read reviews of old tv classics and sitcoms. Do you remember all those shows that made you proud to be an American? There are some here you have not even heard of..
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Christian Movie Reviews, The Official Christian Conservative Movies, Reviews and Suggestions, the best movies in all the world are Christian movies. Children, teens and other films for the whole family.
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Family Movies Reviews, clean and well-made kids and family values focused film reviews. Find and suggest conservative dvds that are aligned with what you believe.
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Young Conservatives Movie Club, YAF. Movies are a big part of young Americans. This movie collection fits every taste.

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