Conservative Beliefs Founded the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave

What is the definition of conservative beliefs contrasted with liberalism.

Today more than ever we hear over and over two leading ideologies in our country; liberalism vs. conservative beliefs.

So it would be a good idea to contrast both. Liberalism is the biggest threat this country has ever ever faced.

As you know we need some hollywood conservatives helping us bring conservative principles back on film.

So, what is a conservative anyway?

Our Conservative Perspective on Relevant Issues

On America and American Exceptionalism

A nation which is honest, the big brother to every other nation on earth.

On Religion

"Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor"

---- "to recommend to the People of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness."


to be devoted by the People of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being, who is the beneficent Author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be

-- That we may then all unite in rendering unto him our sincere and humble thanks --

for his kind care and protection of the People of this Country previous to their becoming a Nation.

George Washington 1789
Father of our Great
and Awesome Nation!
Read Whole Proclamation here.>

What else can be added here? And yet liberals deny this! I still wonder how anyone who reads this can say that this nation was not founded on the principles of Christianity.

On another letter George Washington says "we are a Christian nation" (click on the link provided above.

One of the biggest problems that has been facing this nation since LIBERALS have taken "God", well, to be more specific, the "God of the Jews" out of government is the inability to differentiate between right and wrong.

The Bible is the basis of our country and the best intrument our people have to guide their behavior. Every Founding Father of our Nation was a devout protestant!

Do we know better than they? are we wiser? Braver? more creative?

We conservatives, who perhaps aren't as devout as our Founding Fathers or even our parents and grandparents still understand that the very core of our founding lies in giving honor where honor is due and we start with that great and glorious Being.

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of the Bible.

The first amendment was designed to make a clear statement that we do not punish according with theological disagreements but we punish based on justice and wisdom which come from a clear understanding of the Blible, human nature and history.

Nor do we force religion on anyone. (God himself gave us a free-will) In other words, the Church shall not make disciples through the State nor shall the State impart justice through the Church;

rather the State shall help the Church make better law abiding citizens in order for the State to be able to impart justice.

Let's then leave the principles upon which our government was instituted and our awesome Nation created how they were intended to be. A Bible based government.

True conservative beliefs!

conservative beliefs vs. What Liberals Believe. Here's what they believe...

Judism and Christianity have no part in government nor in the lives of our citizens but if people want to impose on every citizen islam, buddism, hunduism, and just about every other religion in between (including of course global warming and scientology), than it is perfectly acceptable to do so.

Would love to completely do away with the Bible. Our Founding Fathers' favorite book!

On Multiculturalism and Racial Diversity

America is the greatest and best invention the human race has ever produced.

But how did we Americans become so? When did it happen? Who made it happen? I think, just as with every other invention, most (if not all) of the credit has to be given to the one who actually made it work first.

Example, there are records within Egypt's history (B.C.) where it is noted that attempts had been made by creative men to work toward making a "flying" artifact.

But as we all know flying would not come about until thousands of years later, and thousands of years is a very long time. But could not tell you when or who attempted such exploits, could you? right...

But I bet, you could tell me who invented the first airplane! just as I can... so then, who is credited for the invention of airplanes? Let's take this further to explain my point.

Do the Wright brothers hold the patent to an F-22 Raptor stealth jet fighter? of course not, but an F-22 Raptor could never, ever, ever have been built if the (American) Wright brothers had not had the determination, ingenuity and will to make it happen.

That's what America's leadership has meant to the world for over 230 years, all the best ideas are American! are you in doubt? let me help further.

Look around you (whether you are an American or not), what do you see? A computer? Hello Bill Gates and Steve Jobs (American) You are using the internet, right?

Hello Leonard Kleinrock and Larry G. Roberts; just to name a few Americans responsible for the web. Are you in an air conditioned home? Hello Willis Haviland Carrier (American)

Do you drive a car? Hello Henry Ford (American) Do you have a phone? Ahoy! Alexander Graham Bell (American) Do you wear clothes? Try Eli Whitney (American) The motion picture? Need I go further? Also try the names Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison.

I think you get my drift.

So who is credited then with the invention that made all of this and much, way much more happen? Who is credited with the invention of America?

The biggest names of course are George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson, John Jay, James Wilson, Governeur Morris, their wives, and on and on and on.

We must be eternally grateful for what we've learned from from every European country's individual Renaissance.

To be sure, we would not have America without the contributions (note the word contribution) made by all of Europe and the Near East.

Yes, both the Near East and Europe laid down the stones of our foundation but the brightest and finest compiled all the knowledge acquired for thousands of years by Europeans in what is known as the best nation ever built with Christian principles as the chief corner stone.

The contribution every other country has made to human progress is right next to insignificant at best.

Any reputable historian will easily confirm this.

The same is true for multiculturalism in America today.

All children of America as well as all immigrants should be raised and learn to respect, love and appreciate those principles which, as we've proven, do work. American principles work on anybody, regardless of race, color or national origin, if properly taught;

they, however, work better when taught from childhood. -this whole webpage is about such principles of life-

True conservative beliefs!

conservative beliefs vs. What Liberals Believe,

Exactly the opposite, they believe that every other country is superior to Europe and America and that their contributions are just as vital to human progress as those of anybody else and anything to the contrary is racist.

They love to imply that all of the facts proven above are a sign of a sort of "white supremacy" doctrine. They love to make all about race.

Let historian Will Durant speak of the evil our liberals friends have been partaking in for quite some time.

"In an age that would level everything and reverence nothing, I take my stand with Victorian Carlyle, and light my candles, like Mirandola before Plato's image, at the shrines of great men.

I say shameless (worship of heroes), for I know how unfashionable it is now to acknowledge in life or history any genius loftier than ourselves.

Our democratic dogma has leveled not only all voters but all leaders; we delight to show that living geniuses are only mediocrities, and that dead ones are myths.

If we may believe historian H. G. Wells, Caesar was a numbskull and Napoleon a fool.

Since it is contrary to good manners to exalt ourselves, we achieve the same result by slyly indicating how inferior are the great men of the earth.

In some of us, perhaps, it is a noble and merciless asceticism, which would root out of our hearts the last vestige of worship and adoration"

(The Greatest Minds and Ideas of All Time, 2002. pg 5)

So instead of throwing rocks at what Europeans and Americans have accomplished let those who disagree throw inventions and contributions!

On the Human Race and its nature as a whole

We humans are born with 2 opposite natures which are always raging war against each other.

One, perhaps the strongest, is the basic nature to indulge and give full way to basic desires, needs and instincts.

Secondly comes a keen desire to create, to achieve, to learn, to move forward, to believe, to hope, to seek good and healthy things, to be spiritual.

Evidence of this may be found in the billions of achievements and thousands of religions and cults of mankind. That is every human being's basic make up in a nutshell.

It cannot be changed, that is just the way it is.

But the greatest and most important possession every human being is fortunate to have is his ability to 'think'. This ability to think is responsible for all true enjoyments and satisfactions that make living worthwhile.

Since primitive times thinking has been the first building block in what we call progress in civilization.

Thinking gives us the power of choice and the ability to go back and analyze such choices. Learning, therefore, becomes our second most important building block in progress.

Now, we are not going to be so naive as to suppose that one nature is better than the other, however, we are going to emphasize that the strongest nature has a record for getting lots of people into lots of trouble even without the existence of our laws.

That is because the first nature deals with some pretty powerful desires and needs; the first and strongest is the sexual desire, next comes appetite, than come the rest; laziness and procrastination (sloth), greed, coveting, pride, anger, and others.

This started to become a problem when others (probably some members of an ancient tribe) realized that they didn't want to share their women, meals and other possessions with anyone.

The reply to this from the less worthy party could not be helped, the desire was too strong, too tempting to resist; if killing was necessary, then killing it was, but the savage had to indulge his needs.

We can easily see chaos brewing unless something could stop it. If left as it was, 'natural', situations would indeed go wild enough for all progress in civilization to never have existed! We would have never been here.

Think about this for a second; what's the only law that rules out in the wild? the stronger eats the weaker, right? but what if the strongest has a strong weakness? sexual weakness may be? What if he goes about killing and raping both men and women at will? and when this gets too boring even having intercourse with animals.

Is this too far fetched? not at all, but it is clear that some disease, perhaps a plague, would eventually wipe our kind off the face of the earth. So institutions had to be born.

"Thinking" came in pretty handy didn't it?

But did that really solve the problem? Far from it, after thousands of years and countless numbers of institutions created, repercussions experienced, and lessons learned very little has changed.

Humans, not all, are still as wild as we ever were. So, why haven't our institutions worked? I mean, not even deadly diseases have been able to stop people from engaging in reckless behavior.

We still have greedy, lustful, angry cold blooded killers and rapists, degraded citizens amongst us by the masses.

-There are so many of them, it's not even funny.. to be honest, we should be very concerned about this.-

The answer may be closer than we think; may be it is because we focused on punishment, rather than on the first and second building blocks of progress, remember what they are?

Of course you do! Thinking and Learning, so of course our third building block has to be just as important as the first two, "teaching", passing it down from generation to generation.

Passing what down? Well, everyone assumes that to indulge in these basic needs of our first nature is the way to satisfy such need, to which the typical response from some of the concerned citizens to this problem is to completely deny such desires.

Nothing could be farther from the truth, in this case neither party has really learned what our ancestors have taught us.

But by far the conventional wisdom of today is to indulge into whatever your needs are, who cares! weather it'd be gluttony, coveting, greed, pride, envy, anger, lust, sloth, or whatever.

But again, to tell people that you are just "supposed to resist temptation" and stop at that has not worked, has it? or at least it does not work in nine out of ten people.

If in doubt, try this; place a terrific meal in front of a glutton, a tv or video games in front of a sloth, a pile of money in the path of a greed, or hot babe within a pervert's reach, get my drift?

The answer lies in a person's desire and ability to express these emotions and needs in as many ways as he possibly can aside from, but not excluding the ancient and traditional ways already known to everyone.

Perhaps Solomon was right after all when he said, "there's a time for everything under the sky.......

" In other words, how can someone express his hunger, lust, greed, pride, anger, sloth and so on in other ways much more productive and creative as well as less damaging to himself and the society around him? One of such ways is to keep oneself busy, or convey that energy, into a vocation and high calling.

Remember your second nature? A keen desire to achieve, to move forward, to create, and so on. This is what I meant when I made the statement that the two natures are always at war. How do we know all this is true? Two quick examples,

1. What do you think about when I mention the names, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin? Did they not teach many different ways to express pride? Pride in our nation!

Anger at the injustices of England was transformed into patriotism, wasn't it? How about sex?

Dr. Napoleon Hill brilliantly explains to us in Think and Grow Rich how sex is the strongest driving force behind both men and women; a bull becomes as docile as a kitten if castrated! If this is true, which it is, then you may assume that incredibly successful people are people with tremendously high sex drives.

And yet they convey and express them in so many more ways than just intercourse. Now, there's a real way to make something good out of our so called evil natures, isn't there.

Example 2. Does our beloved country understand any this?

Let's listen to what our generation is saying today, I think it cries, 'I can get no satisfaction' out of any of my needs! Short while after a person arrives here, it is obvious where the rest of the path will take him.

Soon we'll hear of the next person who can't get out of bed because of his weight, the person who got killed during a robbery, or the next person gone gay.

Tragic stories indeed that didn't have to be. Therefore, it is our responsibility to teach the generation coming after us how to express such emotions and needs in more ways than the reckless traditional ways.

Mom's old advise turned out to be right, "idle hands are the devil's handy work" indeed.

But hands which have learned to be used for a purpose as great or greater than our founding fathers are hands which have brought our two basic human natures into perfect confluence.

True conservative beliefs!

conservative beliefs vs. What Liberals Believe,

Every human being has a right and a freedom to pursue his lusts and passions regardless of whom they hurt.

-by the way liberals are the ones who claim to be the people of compassion-

On the Economy

Let the free markets work! because it is based on growth

This means that they should stay free;

as exemplefied by the recent melt-down of the markets, government too involved and the economy of the whole world collapses.

In other words, too involved in the money-making process, they were appealing to minorities promising them socialism (spreading the wealth around), which they knew no poor person would refuse, while at the same time punishing "big business", those who run them and those who are on their way there.

Our answer,

1. Let the "free markets" be free in the "land of the free".

Currently the 25% of the wealthiest people in this nation pay 86% of all income taxes! per the IRS, see for yourself Here! (excel doc)

Lower capital gains tax, lower tax on the rich, why? because they want to make more money! that means they invest it, more growth...

Do not punish success, most of these rich people "earned their wealth! just ask Fortune 500 here!

2. Making a leveled playing field by giving small business owners the biggest tax breaks and tax incentives in the nation.

In doing so you allow ordinary citizens to play the game.

3. Lower tax on consumers so they can spend more. Plain economics folks.

4. Let's make this clear, the wealth of this nation belongs to the people of this nation, to the hardworking risk-taking individuals of this nation, while keeping the door wide open for anyone "US citizen" who wants to learn and play the game. In short,

Capitalism! that means government............. stay out or our "business"! True conservative beliefs!

conservative beliefs vs. What Liberals Believe,

Socialism ....

On Climate Change (global warming)

A total hoax! Dr. John Brignell from London links to over 600 links to expose the hoax that global warming is.

Global warming is nothing more than a man-made scare tale designed to take the place Christianity used to hold in this country.

There is no concret evidence anywhere that supports this nonesense. Man-made global warming requires faith and fear!!

Global warming has not and cannot be proven.

There is no doubt, however, that the earth's climate is in a constant state of flux as it has been since its foundation.

Of that there is plenty of evidence, liberals distort this evidence and blame it on humans. True conservative beliefs!

conservative beliefs vs. What Liberals Believe,

Humans are entirely responsible for the earth's constant state of flux and therefore one of two things must happen if we want it to stop.

1. Go back to the stone age or

2. All humans must be destroyed!

They seem to be overwhelmingly more supportive of option #2

On Education

conservative beliefs True conservative beliefs!

conservative beliefs vs.

What Liberals Believe (Coming Soon)

Parenting and Child Abuse

Good conservative beliefs True conservative beliefs!

conservative beliefs vs. What Liberals Believe, (coming soon)

The role of Government

Good conservative beliefs True conservative beliefs!

conservative beliefs vs. What Liberals Believe,

Gun Control

Good conservative beliefs True conservative beliefs!

conservative beliefs vs. What Liberals Believe,

Conservative Beliefs on Welfare and social services

The state has taken the place of the father

True conservative beliefs!

conservative beliefs vs. What Liberals Believe,

Conservative Beliefs on Energy Independence

"Big oil is not our enemy"

True conservative beliefs!

conservative beliefs vs. What Liberals Believe,

Conservative Beliefs on Abortion

Good conservative beliefs

conservative perspective!

True conservative beliefs!

conservative beliefs vs. What Liberals Believe,

Conservative Beliefs on The Supreme Court

Good conservative beliefs

True conservative beliefs!

conservative beliefs vs. What Liberals Believe,

Conservative Beliefs on Islamic Terrorism

Good conservative beliefs and conservative beliefs are, conservative people are the people who make our country work.

conservative beliefs vs. What Liberals Believe,

Conservative Beliefs on The Iraq War

Good conservative beliefs and conservative beliefs are some hollywood conservatives are seeing through the lies.

conservative beliefs vs. What Liberals Believe,

Conservative Beliefs on Law Enforcement

Our conservative beliefs and Good conservative beliefs are even if he is not a religious man, the best way is to take the game to their hearts through religion, the best Christianity.

conservative beliefs and what american conservative believes vs. What Liberals Believe,

Conservative Beliefs on the Death Penalty

and Good conservative beliefs

conservative beliefs are, conservative beliefs and conservative views vs. What Liberals Believe,

Conservative Beliefs on National Security

Conservative beliefs are,

Here we finally arrive at the biggest job our government has, keeping us safe from grave danger. If the security of any people is not there no people can thrive, no person can follow a vocation, no country can prosper.

Understanding basics of national security doesn't require much intellectuality or education, but it does require a deep commitment to defend a people from grave dangers, whether foreign or domestic.

Let's explore, Imagine yourself as a member of an ancient wandering tribe which does not require any traveling permissions to go from one place to another; your tribe has no manners of any kind because they have not been 'invented', much less taught.

Everything is fair game for your tribe, if you can see it or perceive it and want it, all you need do is reach out and snatch it, steal it, kill it, rape it, kind of thing.

Living by animal instincts is the only rule known to you and your tribe. Living by animal instincts is the only rule known to you and your tribe. One day you come upon a sight not even heard of before, it's another tribe, but very different from yours.

They sing, dance, eat, drinking and play in a more delicate, more affeminate way in your opinion. And yet, you'd like to be a part of it, you can't quite explain it. Also, you can't help but notice these individuals look rather different from you;

they possess a certain crispness, cleaness; their children are better taken care of, their women more appealing than those you've ever seen before. You've found a whole new world, and you can't help but want to somehow snatch it up one way or another but can't.

So, what do you do if you find yourself within reach of such congenial sight? Remember, in our example, you are a neanderthal! you are lead by animal instics.

Well, of course, you act upon them....... Let me ask you a question before I go on with my silly example;

I say silly because the basic principle of national security is so simple to understand that it runs the risk of sounding dumb. so,

What is the difference between neanderthals or savages and us? Is it not, first and foremost, our ability to 'think' before acting? and to act toward a good outcome for ourselves and those around us? Our ability to communicate effectively?

Is it not our ability to differentiate between right and wrong? and therefore the establishment of institutions? Is it not our our morals, ethics, laws, freedoms?

Is it not the refinement of our institutions and ourselves? Is not our observations on how the world works? and the use of principles? Is not our attributes, beliefs, and rules?

the golden rule? Is not all this called education?

Then why do liberals tell us that is better to act like an animal rather than a refined "free" individual? Why do they tell us letting the neanderthal in us run wild is true freedom?

Anyway, we'll get back to that in a minute. Back to our example, So what do you do then? You've got this beautiful sight right before you eyes.

You go for it of course, you want to have what they have but the only way you know to attain this is to impose yourself on the tribe. The only problem is,

1. Neither you nor they are able to understand each other because they tribe has a better, more refined than your primitive two-word, two-sound language.

2. They are not going to let a savage come in and turn what they recently and digilently have produced. The bigginings of what we would later civilization.

But what if you were stronger than they? or what if your tribe is bigger and stranger? Really, what can we expect would happen?

In fact, pre-history tell us that this happened for thousands of years, only when an obviously strong savage tribe would find of the more refined ones, they would just ravage them.

Indeed the beginnings of civilization were re-built and re-destroyed over, and over again for thousands of years before one of them finally came up with a sort of tribal security, training able men to defend the rest of the tribe against savage neanderthals who pose the greatest threat they will ever face.

Such training required men to go back into that horrible world of violence, re-learning what they had for a moment forgotten;

but they had something new, they were now thinking men and therefore more clever in warfare thus laying the foundations of the first rule of warfare of the free peoples, kill the enemy before they kill you and your way of life.

And thus civilization really began. And how greatful we are for them. Tribal heroes! Here's a good question,

When were these savages, who for thousands of years stopped civilization from coming to fruition, finally defeated and done away with? Can anyone answer that?

As we know, these neanderthals have never been defeated, they keep coming at us just as they have for thousands of years, as commited and bold as ever.

But they are doing something new and effective; they have allies now from our own 'tribe'; liberals! Liberalism is, wether people like to admit or not, the biggest threat to any nation.

The principle will never die, defeat the enemy before it defeats you and your way of life, lest you want them to kill you, ravage your wives and daughters, make your children slaves and feast on your possissions.

True conservative beliefs! conservative beliefs vs. What Liberals Believe, Everyone is created and 'brought up' eaqually and therefore good....

..........until you tick them off by your crazy ideas of progress and civilization.

Conservative Beliefs on Immigration

In the New York legislature, when it fell to my lot to choose a committee

- which I always esteemed my most important duty at Albany -

no less than three out of the four men I chose were of Irish birth or parentage; and three abler and more fearless and disinterested men never sat in a legislative body; while among my especial political and personal friends in that body was a gentleman from the southern tier of counties, who was,

I incidentally found out, a German by birth, but who was just as straight United States as if his ancestors had come over here in the Mayflower or in Henry Hudson's yacht.

Of course, none of these men of Irish or German birth would have been worth their salt had they continued to act after coming here as Irishmen or Germans, or as anything but plain straight-out Americans.

We have not any room here for a divided allegiance.

A man has got to be an American and nothing else; and he has no business to be mixing us up with questions of foreign politics, British or Irish, German or French, and no business to try to perpetuate their language and customs in the land of complete religious toleration and equality.

If, however, he does become honestly and in good faith an American, then he is entitled to stand precisely as all other Americans stand, and it is the height of un-Americanism to discriminate against him in any way because of creed or birthplace.

No spirit can be more thoroughly alien to American institutions, than the spirit of the Know-Nothings.

The Duties of American Citizenship

Theodore Roosevelt

As we all know President Teddy is talking about "educated immigrants", how do we define education? simply as Americanism, rugged individualism, thrift, common sense and hard work, complemented with basic principles of morality, honesty, innovation, self-reliance, law-abidance, respect, and so on just for starters.

But perhaps the most important quality an 'educated immigrant' to America can possess is twofold a. He has a crystal clear understanding of the freedoms provided him upon entering this beautiful and plentiful land.

He has a thorough understanding of, though he might not have ever heard, the Joshua story but finds it to be completely and literally true, that "the United States of America is THE land that overflows with Milk and Honey through and through".

Heck! each and everyday he remembers the very smells he perceived when he first arrived; the smells of success, capitalism, power, humility, bravery, commitment, and of course American food and coffee at the airport, ahhh! the very smells of freedom!

Some people even describe how differently even the sun shines in America, other more spiritual ones tell us how they right away feel the very presence of Almighty God upon their arrival.


This great american would absolutely not, no way, now how, think twice, whether called upon or not, lay down his very last breath in order to protect and defend the principles, institutions, laws and freedoms upon which this nation was established;

he has learned these as a result of his curiosity to look into our Founding Fathers and the writings they left 'him'. As you see these Americans truly understand, even before having heard, John F. Kennedy's statement to the core, "ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country"

I've heard many of them remark that they'd rather lose their freedom and be sent back home than brake any of our just laws or do anything our Founding Fathers would not do.

You see, most of the people who feel this way are people who would never have broken any law to come here, no matter how great their need. But even more than that, they condemn all actions illegals take; and guess what? So does the rest of country!

A country built upon the backs of Americans like the ones President Roosevelt is talking about, like the one I am describing here; and yet liberals keep telling us that "the country was built by immigrants" how foolish! not true, the term is not immigrants, much less "illegal" immigrants;

Our country was was occupied, our country was "colonized" by educated men, but not the sort of education as recognized by our liberal colleges of today, but recognized by the seeds they planted called conservatism that grew into this beautiful tree called America.

Please allow me to illustrate further, and don't get offended! There is a world of difference between the 'educated immigrant' we've just described and an illegal with his children! He'll only teach them what he knows.

An illegal demands from government while an immigrant demands of himself.....

Here are some facts you can check out for yourself anytime you'd like;

Go to any highly immigrant populated (mostly hispanic) neighborhood and you'll literally be leaving the country to visit a third-world country,

why? you liberals blame it on the government and its evils, but did you read what I've brilliantly explained above? it's all fact, check for yourself, read some books about it, books written by 'educated immigrants' themselves or their children and you'll find out that it is all true!

One way to understand the illegal immigration problem is to look at the core of the problem, which is that these poor people were never taught, and believe me, my heart fills with grief when I think about my using the word 'poor' when describing these people;

because their poverty has very little to do with money and even hunger but it has everything to do with poverty of life principles and world understanding. Let me explain,

It is plain to see illegals didn't have anyone teaching them that stealing is wrong, that sneaking into a country is even worse; that blaming "rich americans" is more despicable than anything I or you can think about.

Poor people indeed. Friend please understand this, no one taught them! how really, I mean, how terribly sad that is, please hear me out on this, it grieves me indeed as it should grief you. Here is another example no ones really like to talk about,

We all hear how illegals don't have access to health care which forces him to get 'free' emergency room assistance, is this a problem? Well, may be, debate will for sure be found here; but who can argue the fact that they never pay back their medical bills, that my friend does not need to be debated; that is stealing!

if a poor american has to pay the same rate for medical care and he too gets paid the same or less as the illegal, why shouldn't they.

See this country was forged by self-reliant people, when they found themselves in need and needed the assistance of the government or a neighbor they always made sure they paid it back! read the books, it's all in there.

As I said these very, very uneducated illegals and their children have no basic understanding of right and wrong which is causing all kinds of brawls amongst us at all levels of our society.

If you take the time to actually analyze for yourself this problem you'll soon realize that the only the problem facing us is the old cliche, "you can get the third-world illegal immigrant out his country but you will never take the third-world country mentality out of the illegal immigrant" and if you try, prepare to become a third-world spanish speaking country.

Unless you take it to them as we should. Never mind if liberals oppose us as they have about Iraq, it is the best thing to do, the smart thing.

Well, unless of course you want to be come a third-world spanish speaking country as we will become if we do not fix the core of the problem . I guess it all boils down to a few important questions, Should we help them become educated individuals?

Absolutely, we've been given much, much is required from us. Should they stay in our country? Absolutely not! they broke the laws men and women have died to protect for over 230 hundred years, to ignore this would be a slap on the face of our heroes.

See, now all we have to do is spread freedom to the places where they are from (mostly central and south america).

The word amnesty should mean that we will forgive the fact that they broke every law on the book in order to be here but we will forgive them if they would just go home, if not face the consequences of your actions.

But no amnesty should be given! at the same time this is an amnesty americans would agree with. Guaranteed! If we do not fix our illegal immigration problem we will forever lose the spirit of America, mark my words, we will! let's understand this while we still have time.

Remember, while illegals are good people and hard workers, as mentioned before they don't seem to understand that paying your dues is the first stepping stone towards attaining the American Dream.

American individualism is so deeply rooted within my background that I must tell you about it. My childhood was very nominal in money but rich in life principles and with a tremendous richness of love and belief in the American dream.

I as a child had to be trained, as any child should. One time I remember my mother being sick and unable to work for a few weeks; my father was never at home; and I seeing the need to provide for my baby siblings went and stole food from the supermarket.

Upon arriving home, excited to show my mother what I had gotten for us to eat, my mother was filled with rage ( I was about 11 years old), sick and all, I mean very sick, she got out of bed, asked me to forgive her for what she was going to do to me (the spanking of a lifetime) but explained it was vital for me to understand that "we never steal son, no matter what", she said, "but, mo...."

"I don't care, we never steal, even if you see me in a worst condition than I am today", "but we never steal, no matter what", she said....

She never got better, for a time she was stable and eventually returned to work a few jobs but not for much longer, 10 years later she finally got an opportunity to meet her Creator. And I never forgot what she so painfully taught me.

You see friend, America is filled with stories of hardships worse than mine, of people who would just not sacrifice their principles, "no matter what".

Such hardships are what produce Americans! here, read it again, "such hardships, I mean heart-breaking hardships, are the ONLY thing that produce Americans"

Take the hardship (conservatism) out and you might as well not call us americans anymore, got it? "no matter what, we don't steal son", Remember that! I'm sure you get my drift.

The stories of americans and how they became americans are too precious to just be squandered on cheap government handout to people who will never appreciate them.

But 'educated immigrants' do understand the meaning of honor, rugged individualism, common sense, thrift, hard work, I assure you.

I'm so proud of these fellows and feel extremely honored to have them in my country, their country, our country; God only knows how much we need them.

Show me a man who thoroughly understands as well as lives by such such principles and I'll show a man whose life principles and outlook described above do not even scratch the surface of his all his qualities;

Show me that man and I'll show you an educated man, a man of freedom, a conservative, an American........

True conservative beliefs!

conservative beliefs vs. What Liberals Believe,

America was to created for every world citizen. complete and total open borders, no background checks, every foreigner is an american citizen . Look it up!

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