The Cartel

The Cartel 2009

The Cartel 2009

The Cartel

NR 92 minutes
Cast: Bob Bowdon, Bill Baroni, Rick Berman, Michael Bloomberg, Clint Bolick, Hector Bonilla, Derrell Bradford, Tom Brokaw, Elaine Brown, Mika Brzezinski

I briefly glanced at a review from the New York Times on this documentary that was just bashing and mocking the film and thought, well then, it must be a good film!

And indeed it was...

The School System in America

The Cartel analyzes the school system in the state of New Jersey simply because it is the state where the most "education" money goes and is the one which is behind every other state on education.

The same system is in place in every other state.

The interesting thing about this documentary I noticed was that I cannot think of a single person interviewed in this film who would vote Republican.

They all seem like Democrats to me who realize that the unions and politicians are in bed with the union leaders. Which is exactly what is wrong with the system, not the teachers.

And to some extent I can agree with that, except that, everybody knows that "parents" are the best teachers. Learning a curriculum is "ok", but what about the rest?
Things like morals, character, entrepreneurship, etc.

We are talking about equipping young ones to run things whenever our generation is gone, right?

Getting an education means more than just getting an "A+" in school, I think we have a perfect example of the type of "intellectual a child can become if they don't learn these traits and just settle for that A+ in anti -
American obama.

How does throwing money at the problem solve it?

We conservatives understand that the technique will never work even though Liberals have been telling us it does for decades.

A Must Watch if You Care About Your Kids

Personally, I would never, ever let anyone teach my child anything, let alone send him for one single day to an indoctrination center (school).

Me and my wife have been preparing for a long time with curriculum, materials, etc. to give our child a meaning, useful and lasting education.

My issue on film

There's only one particular issue on this documentary that deeply saddened me.

There's a scene near the end when Bob Bowdon gets to the part about Charter Schools.
After a mother's child was accepted into a charter school by means of "lottery", she is overwhelmed with joy and shouts "hallelujah", that's great I thought, but then he moves on to show the heartbroken teary eyed children who did not make it.

While, this is a heart breaking moment in the film, I turned to my wife and asked,

What happened to the days when self-reliance was ALL we had?
Now, somebody is heartbroken because they were not accepted into a school? what about obtaining their own education like in the old days?

You mean to tell me that my child's success depends on the EDUCATION SYSTEM?
On some politician's decision?
A school official?

I guess, for many people those "myths" of self-reliance are just another boring page in a History book, or may be not even there...

Now, that is sad...

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